Roller shutter door troubleshoot

Roller Shutters & Rolling Gates Malfunctions and troubleshooting

If the roller door is busted, if the door is off tracks, or if it is difficult to open up or close the rolling gate, call a local rollup doors vendor in Staten Island New York who service commercial rollup steel doors. Nearly every commercial property, whether warehouse, a shop, or parking lot around Staten Island New York is using a roll-down curtain or a roll up door for security. Some property owners might wonder why the roller curtains and the roll down doors are so popular around Staten Island, and why many business owners choose the steel roller-gate doors to protect the property. There are many potential causes for that, the steel-roller-curtains are reliable, they barely take any space when they are open, they are relatively inexpensive, and you can choose if to make them motorized or you can choose to use them manually (chain system or push-up roll-down curtain). In this post we would like to bring few Malfunctions about roller curtains malfunctions and troubleshooting.
The Malfunctions described here are not a suggestion to try and repair or replace the parts of the roller-gate door on your own. But it can give you general idea about the way steel roller-gate doors operate, how to recognize when there is something wrong, and how to deal with a busted rolling steel door. The best thing to so when experiencing issues operating a roll-down curtain is to get in touch with a local roll-down curtains service provider around Staten Island to come and repair the roll-down curtain for you.

Roller shutter troucleshoot

Busted/Loose spring on a roller-gate door

You might not be aware to a certain fact, but the rollups are equipped with a spring, that makes it easy to open and close the curtain. There are many different kinds of steel roller steel doors around Staten Island, and the spring is what makes them operable with minimum force.
Now, many storeowners around Staten Island, when they find that it became tough to open their roller curtain, assume that some oiling is going to solve all the issues. Usually when a malfunction appear, it remind them that it has been a while since they oiled the curtain. The truth is that when the spring is busted, it is probably too late for oiling as a method to repair roll-down curtain. When there is a problem, you will need to hire a local gate expert around Staten Island to come and repair the curtain for you.
The roller curtain spring is not something that you simply buy at home depot, at the local hardware store, or online, each gate needs a specific spring, which will manufacture for that specific gate, in terms of size and weight. Besides getting the spring, installing it is another problem that need to be dealt with. Replacing a spring for roller-gate door is a complicated task, which needs tools and knowledge that not every handyman has.
The Malfunction: One day we got a call from a store owner in Richmond County New York, telling us the storefront roll-down curtain is jammed. When we arrived, we discovered that the customer loaded the curtain with oil, thinking that something the tracks will fix the issue. Just to remove the massive amount of oil and lubrication took us almost as much as replacing the busted spring took us.
What to do: When there is a jammed, twisted, or broken roll-down curtain’s part, no amount of oil will solve the issue. The roll-down curtain must be repaired, and the busted part needs to be replaced before the rolling steel door will work again. Call a local rolling gate specialist who specializes in commercial roll-down curtains to come and repair the door for you.

The motor is not working

The majority of the steel roller-gate doors around Staten Island are motor-operated. If you own opener-operated roller curtain, and it seems like the motor isn’t working, it might be an issue with the door’s operator itself, but it is also potential that the malfunction comes from a different source. It could be something with the roller curtain itself, or even electricity malfunction. The bottom line: Hire a qualified roll-down curtain serviceman for the service. A qualified specialist, as all the roll-down curtains experts of All Staten Island Garage Doors are, can inspect the curtain, the motor, and locate the real malfunction.
The Malfunction: We once received a call from the owner of a warehouse in Brooklyn NY, telling us that they needs a specialist to check their roller curtain. When we got there, we were told that another service provider installed for them a new motor couple weeks ago, but the curtain keeps getting stuck. And that they decided to check with a different service provider. When our rolling door specialist checked the curtain, he discovered that the issue is not really the motor, but that the roll-down curtain’s spring is very weak. It is potential that there was no needs to replace the motor in the first place.
What to do: Not every issue that seems like opener malfunction mean that you needs to replace the motor. Often, the issue comes from a totally different source. And a qualified rolling door expert can reveal the real issue.

Roller Door out of the tracks

A roller curtain that comes out of the tracks is not rare, and it is one of the most common issues. The causes that push a roller curtain out of the tracks are many, and the ways to service and repair off tracks gate around Staten Island are many. The most important thing is to make sure that the curtain will not be touched or operated until a roller curtain expert will come and fix the curtain.
The Malfunction: We once received a call for off tracks roll-down curtain repairs. When our team arrived, we discovered the problem, and we quoted the repair of the curtain for $125. The store owner refused, and told us that he can fix it by himself and he will not pay that amount. He paid us the service fee of $30 and we left. At same day’s midnight, the dispatch receive a call for emergency commercial roll-down curtain repair at the same address. We sent a specialist again, and what the specialist saw was that the whole roller curtain fell from the tracks and now on the floor!

Roller shutter repairs
What happened was that the warehouse owner and his friends attempted to repair the roller curtain without the proper tools or knowledge, and they ended with a gate that broke in a way that couldn’t be solved without completely replace the curtain, the spring and the motor! Instead of paying $150, now the price will be more than double! We are based in Staten Island, but we have serviced overhead doors and roller gates all over NY and New Jersey. And people who heard about our services sometime call us from other cities, so not once we serviced broken garage doors in Hoboken NJ, or installed new garage doors in Queens New York.
What to do: What might seem simple to someone who doesn’t know a lot about commercial rollups, can be much more complicated than it appear to be. And when the rolling gate is off tracks, and to you it seems like all you need to do is to push it back, can end with serious damage if you choose to try and do it yourself. When the curtain is off tracks, hire a local serviceman who have experience in servicing roll-down curtains in Staten Island to do the repair for you. It will save you money, and at the end the curtain will work again and will be safe for use.

New roller curtain installation

If you own a moving service provider, it will be ridiculous if you will purchase a motorcycle instead of a truck. The same goes for the commercial roll-down curtain in Staten Island. If you need a rolling steel door for a parking garage, which service tens of vehicles each day, it will be a mistake to install roller curtain that meant to be installed at a storefront. Just the amount of times a day the curtain will be used is enough to know that the curtain will get stuck or fall from tracks soon.
The Malfunction: We once sent a quotation for new roll-down gate installation Brooklyn New York. We quoted the job for $3575 +Tax. Another roll-down curtains installer quoted the job for $2100. We explained to the client that the difference is not potential, and that something is suspicious, but he insisted. We wished the client a lot of luck and left.
The problem was that the roller curtain they offered for a parking lot around Staten Island which contain more than twenty vehicles, and being used more than 100 times each day, is a gate that should be installed at a storefront which use the store roller steel shutter twice a day. Sometimes people try to save money, but they do that at the wrong places. The roller curtain the other service provider installed lasted for 3 months. During the 2 months they replaced 2 openers. At the end the client called us and asked us to do replace the curtain. It was on 2011. The roll-down curtain All Staten Island Garage Doors installed is still working with no issues. And all we do is maintain it 4 times a year.

What to do: A new vehicle can cost like 5 motorcycles. But what 5 motorcycles cannot do, that vehicle can.  When you invest at something, check not just the price, check what you get in return. Steel roller-gate doors is a general name for many rolling gates and overhead doors around Staten Island, but not every roller curtain can be the right gate. As we explained, the curtain which will be the right gate for a storefront door in Richmond New York, will not be the right gate for a busy parking lot in Manhattan NY. Use a roller curtain expert to help you make the right decision, and get a roller curtain that will work safely and smoothly for many years, as every gate All Staten Island Garage Doors installed around Staten Island does. Sometimes in life the cheapest turn to be the most expensive, and the more expensive end as the best investment. And steel roller-gate doors around Staten Island are no different.

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