Garage Doors Great Kills 10308 New York

Garage Doors Great Kills 10308 NY

Most of the times, our rollup door in Great Kills, or anywhere else in Staten Island serve us smoothly with no interruptions. The way the overhead doors are built and designed (The high quality overhead rollup doors), is to work smoothly and quietly for many years, with no need for repair expect for the tune, lubrication and inspection that we need to be done, in order to maintain the flawless way the door operate all year round (And also in the safe way that every rollup door in Staten Island should work like).

Common Rollup door Malfunctions

There isn’t one issue that we can put our finger and point, and the main reason why the rollup door stopped working and got stuck, or simply do not respond anymore. But we would like to go over the common malfunctions, that usually rise, and that we are dealing with on a daily base. It may be a rollup door repair in Staten Island, or a rollup door service in Brooklyn, those malfunctions can stop a rollup door from working, and can be dangerous, if you will ignore them, and try and force the rollup door wo work.

Garage door Great Kills 10308 New York

Busted tension spring repair Great Kills NY

The tension spring system, which can include torsion tension spring system, or extension tension spring system, is what make it easy to open even the heaviest commercial overhead doors, which can weight hundreds of pounds. Each overhead door need the right tension spring that was designed for the door, in terms of the weight of the door and its size. If the wrong tension spring was installed, the door will probably won’t work correctly, and can even be dangerous in some cases. When the right tension spring is installed, the door can roller door can remain in one position: open position, close position, and half way position. And when the service was performed correctly and by a qualified technician, it should be easy to open and close the door.

Torsion tension spring replacement

If you are located in Great Kills 10308, Staten Island, and you need someone to repair or to replace torsion tension spring that snapped, we can help. We carry torsion tension springs from different sizes that will fit every overhead door including commercial and residential doors. A busted torsion tension spring replacement should be performed by professional overhead doors technician, since it can be complicated process, and require certain tolls, experience in different overhead doors repairs, and of course knowledge of the overhead doors and the way they operate.

Garage door springs

Extension tension spring repair

If you own a rollup door that work with the help of extension tension springs, and one of the tension springs snapped, you better stop using the door from 2 reasons. The first is that continuing to use the door will lead to a bigger damage. And the second, but more important – it is dangerous.
All Staten Island Garage Doors have the knowledge and the ability to repair you rollup door near Great Kills 10308 New York today, and replace the busted tension spring with a new extension tension spring.

Commercial overhead spring

If you need a rollup door technician to repair a busted tension spring for a commercial door in Great Kills New York, we can repair it for you. We repair commercial overhead doors from all makers in Staten Island New York, and we got the knowledge to repair your door today. A commercial door require special power tools and parts, most overhead doors vendors in Staten Island New York do not carry, since many commercial doors require custom made tension springs and parts, so it is important to try and avoid using the door until it will be repaired.

Rollup door Operator Great Kills New York

Another issue that can prevent a rollup door from working properly is a rollup door operator issue. Of course that if your rollup door is not an automated door, and it is being used manually, this issue is irrelevant for you. But if you own an automated garage door in Richmond County, read on.
All Staten Island Garage Doors specialize in repair of rollup door operators from all suppliers in New York City. Whether it is a Lift Master Operator, Genie motor, or any other operator, we can fix it. But until our specialist will arrive to your place and repair the operator, do not attempt to use the door, to prevent bigger damage to the operator and the door. Many of our serviced in Great Kills could be quicker and cheaper if the client would only call on time, and didn’t try to mess with the door. If you live in Great Kills, 10308, NY you are local to us, and since we offer same day garage door repairs Richmond County, you can call us for same day service.

Is it really garage operator issue?

Before we determine if the issue is really an operator issue, we need to examine the door first.  As we explained earlier, in the tension spring repair’s section, a rollup door in Great Kills New York should work smoothly and should be opened and closed easily without the operator. If there is issue when you use the door manually, the door should not be used with the operator.
If there is issue with the rollup door itself, the operator may also not work. The operator’s part in lifting and lowering the door is a small part, when the biggest part is being done by the tension spring system. When the tension spring system is well adjusted and operate flawlessly, and there is no issue with the door, then we can move forward to inspect the operator itself.

Safety sensors Malfunctions

One more rollup door malfunction that can appear on every given day and on both commercial and residential garage doors in Staten Island, and even if the operator was recently installed, is issue with safety sensors. The safety sensors are there for safety reasons, and should not be removed under any circumstances. They are there to protect you, and removing them can lead to serious injuries. A safety sensors removal and using the door with no safety feature is against the law, which require that every electric garage door, commercial or residential, in Great Kills, Staten Island or anywhere else in USA, till include a safety feature, which will stop the door and reverse it in case someone will cross the door’s path.

Garage door Staten Island

Safety sensors fix-it-yourself repairs

Again, every overhead door or rollup door in Great Kills must include a reverse safety feature! If there is an issue with the safety sensors, the garage door opener will not work. If the operator does not get a signal form the sensors that “tell” the garage opener that the entrance is clear, and that it is safe to close, the operator will not close the door. If the sensors are not aligned so that they will face each other, if the cable is nor connected, if the sensor is busted or damaged, if there is dirt on the lens, if the sensor was accidently misplaced, the operator will not close the door. In that case you can look by yourself, and try to locate the issue. If you are unable to repair it. Contact All Staten Island Garage Doors for a same day service in Great Kills 10308 NY.

Need new garage operator?

Repairing garage operator is not always the wisest decision. If the operator is too old, and was installed more than 12 years ago, we may suggest you to contact a local garage door supplier in Staten Island to replace the operator and install a new one. If you will choose to repair it, you may face a different issue soon.

Rollup door Inspection Great Kills

Rollup door tune is important for preserving the smooth and flawless way every overhead door in Great Kill New York should work like. When you perform a rollup door maintenance, you are making sure that the door is safe for use, that the door is moving smoothly with no bumps, and you make sure it will continue to work as good as it worked before. And as every garage door in Great Kills New York should work like.
The maintenance can be done in a FIX-IT-YOURSELF, and there are many articles online, explaining how to maintain garage door by do it yourself. We recommend to watch tutorials and to learn how to maintain a rollup garage door. If you prefer to use the services of local garage doors supplier in Richmond County, we offer same day tune and inspection in Great Kills New York, so all you need to do is to call 917-794-3040 and to get in touch with All Staten Island Garage Doors.
Even if there is nothing wrong with the rollup door, it still need to be maintained. Just like the car you are driving need oil change and inspection, although there is nothing wrong with it, and although it may be relatively new.

Do it yourself

There are some roller doors services that you can perform by yourself, and there is no need to hire a rollup door company in New York to come and do it for you. But at the same time, there are rollup door issues that should be repaired by a trained and experienced fixer, since they may require certain knowledge, power tools, and the most important – he or she will have the ability to locate the malfunction and its cause.

Locating the malfunction

Make sure you have located THE CAUSE to the malfunction as well as the malfunction.
The way we see it, the task of rollup door repairs in New York is not completed if the technician did not locate and repaired the reason for the issue. If the operator stopped, it may be because the operator is jammed, but it can also be due to another reason such as a busted roller, a snapped cable, or in moist cases lack of maintenance. But if we assume that the malfunction is due to a busted roller that with time made the operator stress, until it burn-out and stopped working.
So make sure you have located the cause to the stuck rollup door, and take care of it as well. If you are not sure, get in touch with a company that service garage doors around Great Kills New York.

Buy the right part for the replacement

Make sure you found the exact part for your garage door. Not a part that “looks like” or one that you “think” will be the right part for the door.
The rollup door parts might look the same to you, but even 2 tension springs that may seem identical to you, might not fit the rollup door you attempt to repair by do it yourself. Make sure that you fit exactly the right part for your garage door. Using the wrong part will prevent the door from working properly, and can also be dangerous.

Garage door opener Great Kills New York

Understand the mechanism

Make sure you fully understand the mechanism of the rollup door and the way the door operate. There are many different overhead doors in Great Kills, each operate differently.
Every overhead door in Richmond County New York include many moving parts, and some of them are under a lot of tension, which can easily lead to an injury, damage or both. Make sure that you fully understand the way roll up doors operate, and do not do something that you are not sure about. A rollup door repair is not the place for trial and error. If you are not sure, ask. If you want to get help, call a local expert in Staten Island for help.

Use the right tools

Make sure that you have all the required tools needed to complete roll up door repair. Remember that there are many types of doors in New York, and what worked for overhead door repair with torsion spring system in Great Kills, might not work for overhead garage door with torsion spring system in Brooklyn.
The rollup door repair may require certain tools for the assignment, and trying to replace them with the wrong toll may be dangerous. Make sure that you have the needed tools for the repair, and do not attempt to replace a certain toll with an improvised solution. For instance: there is only one “right” tool to adjust torsion springs, and it is torsion sticks.

Never ignore safety

We always put safety on the first place when servicing roll up doors. It can be garage door in Great Kills, or rolling gate repair in Manhattan. Ant once we refused to perform a repair which violated the safety rules. After so many years in the rollup door services near Staten Island, we learned that no repair, money or time worth your health. So make sure you follow the safety guidelines, and make sure that you do not touch, remove, hit or use something that you are not sure in a hundred percent what you are doing.
It does not really matter if it is an overhead door repairs in Richmond County, or commercial rollup door service, always make sure that the people who use the door are aware to the fact that you are working on the door, and that it shouldn’t be used until it will fixed and safe for use again.

Overhead rollup door Great Kills

Use Common Sense!

There are different rollup gates and rolling doors, and even if you own the exact rollup door that presented on the tutorial you watched, it does not mean that you door need to be repaired in the exact same way.
And even if the rollup doors may be the same, but the way your garage is built, the height of the ceiling, the size of the opening and the motor brand may require special tolls and parts, that may not be identical to the one you saw on the do it yourself garage door repair tutorial. So again, do not touch something which you are not sure about, and never assume that something will be fixed by itself. All the garage door’s parts should work in harmony, to achieve a rollup door which is useable, and safe.

Emergency rollup door repair Great Kills

It is never a good thing when a rollup door in Great Kills get stuck. And sometime it can happen at the worst timing for us. It may stuck in close position when we are in a rush and cannot take the vehicle out of the garage, or it can happen late at night, and we cannot close and lock the door, and we may wonder if we are going to have to leave it open the whole night.
Luckily you found All Staten Island Garage Doors, since we offer same day rollup door repair service in Richmond County New York, including emergency garage doors repair service Staten Island. If you cannot close your overhead door, if the cable snapped, if the door went out of track, or if you accidently hit the door with a car, we can help. We carry with us the parts that we need to repair your door on first visit, so you can go back and use a rollup door which work perfectly, and more important, a door which is safe for use. We accept all major credit cards and we offer same day service in Great Kills and all around Staten Island New York.

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