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If you never saw a “high speed door” opening and closing, you are probably about to be amazed by the speed, how silent the door move, and how smooth it operate. The high speed doors can open so fast, and close right after that you might wonder if the door was even open at all. Now of course that was a joke. But we anticipate that in few years – with how quick the technology of the high speed doors in New York develop it will not be something imaginary and the speed of the “high speed doors” will improve dramatically. It might lead you to purchase and install high speed door is simply to have a door that will open and close quickly (and of course flawlessly and safely) every time you need to use the entrance where the high speed door is installed, whether by walking, while driving a vehicle, or when using a forklift.
There are many possible reasons why a business owner in Staten Island might need a new speed door installation. It can be set up in order to achieve the max possible environmental control and separation every time the door is being used, so no (or at least not a lot) heat or cold will be lost while the door is working.  Since one of the main reasons to install high speed door is due to the fact that speed doors function as a barrier, and as their name is” they are designed to work in speed. But this is not the only reason. Another reason can be that the high speed doors (When the techs of All Staten Island Garage Doors talk about doors they always refer to the top quality doors, and not to the low quality doors sold our days) protect us from harm, save energy and help us to separate processes for optimal productivity (Such as high speed doors installed in a commercial space that require low temperatures at any time).

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Top Quality High Speed Doors Staten Island

The experts from All Staten Island Garage Doors are aware to the needs of high speed doors that will operate with no issues, and at the same time will work flawlessly and safely. We learned that a “high speed door” that stop working can mean loss of money. So we always try to provide the fastest service, and the best quality high speed doors (As we believe every door should be made from high quality materials), which although being used many times a day, they will keep doing what it was installed for, and it is to open and close the door as fast as possible.

High Speed door is a wise investment for many commercial facilities. Faster opening and closing times. High speed doors can make a facility more secure, reduce heating or cooling loss and prevent airflow (that in some industries is a major requirement since it can damage certain merchandise). In addition, when you are not stuck waiting for a “regular” roll up door to open and close, you save time that you can use for other more important tasks around your property. And again, installing high speed door isn’t enough, All Staten Island Garage Doors supply and install high quality high-speed doors in Staten Island, and we are happy to announce that we offer same day repair for any type of roller door, including speed door services.

Speed Door Repair Staten Island

As many other roll up doors, the speed doors can also get jammed or busted at the worst timing. And when a “high speed door” get stuck, it mean a loss of time and money that every business owner would like to avoid (Not to mention the consciousness of stuck high speed door in the food industry). The thing is that when a “high speed door” get stuck, it usually means you need to find someone who fix speed doors and that he is local. And we want to inform you that you are lucky. You just found a local high speed doors company in Staten Island that specialize in all types of roll down doors, and of course speed doors repairs in NYC.

First, if the door is not moving at all, try not to touch it, and for sue do not try and repair the door by doing it yourself. You are not a qualified high speed doors technician and do not have enough knowledge that will allow you to deal with the commercial speed doors. There are vendors in Staten Island that specialize in speed doors services, and that have experience in servicing speed doors.
If you will try and “Force” or “Make” high speed door to work, you might cause 2 things:

  1. You will make a bigger damage. Some high speed doors in New York can be repaired within minutes, but only if you know what the problem is, and what you are doing. Otherwise, a minor malfunction can turn into a nightmare.
  2. High Speed doors, when they are handled the wrong way or being misused can be dangerous. And just like many other fields in the industrial world, when someone who isn’t qualified deal with something, it is dangerous and can easily end with personal injuries.
  3. You can completely destroy the high speed door. Unlike the steel roller doors, the speed doors are made from materials that are relatively soft, so if the high speed door will be serviced by someone who isn’t familiar with the speed doors, it can end with a need for a new high speed door.

New Speed Door Installation Staten Island

  1. Just as with the overhead doors, the roll down doors, or even the commercial rolling gates, the speed doors installation is divided into 2 parts:

    The high speed door and the speed door’s operator. If you are planning to use the speed door many times a day, and try to save some money by installing the cheapest high speed door, you will find that the door you got will not last for ling, and that you will need to hire a “high speed door” technician in Staten Island to service and repair the door often.

When you purchase high speed door made from quality materials, and equipped with a strong, and reliable motor, you make sure that the door will work for many years, and that will rarely stop working. And when it comes to high speed doors, it become much more important.

  1. But purchasing top quality high speed door is not enough. Even if you purchased the best speed door in Staten Island, but did not hire the best, or at least one of the best high speed doors installer, you are missing the point. Again, the door will fail to work for a long time, and just as with the low quality doors, you will need to hire sometime to service the door soon.

In case if you are planning to install new high speed door, do yourself a favor and invest in top quality, both in parts, in operator and with the vendor you will choose to install the high speed door for you.

Speed door installation Staten Island

Speed Door Maintenance NYC

Just like the car or forklift you use every day (Or almost every day) need to be maintained and service such as oil change, breaks inspection and safety check, so does your speed door. But before we begin, we need to make one thing clear: Speed door maintenance is not a replacement for repairs. So in the vent where you are experiencing hard time operating your speed door in Staten Island you probably need repairs before the maintenance. But if your speed door is working fine and flawlessly, and you haven’t lubricated it for a while, you may want to consider maintain your speed door.
Every speed door, whether it is roll down door in Brooklyn, speed door in Manhattan, or speed door in Jersey need to maintained, in order for the speed door to continue working just like it is working, and will not be the cause for any speed door issues.
To make sure that your speed door in Staten Island will continue to work in a perfect way for many more years and it will not be the reason for inconveniences, you need to perform a “high speed door” tune up (Speed door maintenance), at least twice every year. Performing the maintenance will do 2 things: It will improve the way your speed door operate, since you will be lubricating some of the many moving components, and it will preserve the parts from breaking or getting rusted from the weather damages, and from the daily use of the door. And buy lubricating the door, you are decreasing the chances that you will need speed door repairs in Staten Island in the near future.

Maintain or repair a “high speed door”?

There are some speed doors in Staten Island being used more than 200 times a day. And although the speed doors are relatively light, the many moving objects make the high speed doors fragile, and the more often the doors are being used, they are more likely to get stuck. Now, although the high speed door tune up will improve the movement of your speed door, and it will protect and preserve the door and extend the speed door’s life cycle, the speed door maintenance is not a substitute to repair. If your speed door is broken, and need to be serviced, it won’t matter how much lubrication you are going to spray on it, the door is not going to work. And this goes for every speed door around Staten Island.

If you are reading this post about high speed door service in New York City since there is something wrong with your speed door, do not expect that the maintenance will make your door working again flawlessly. The maintenance is to preserve a “high speed door” which is already working properly. If you need the service of speed door technician in Staten Island, to come and service your jammed rolling speed door, please call All Staten Island Garage Doors for a same day repair service. Again, do not assume that since you have been neglecting the need of your high speed door for tune up, now some lubrication will make it work smoothly. If a “high speed door” need repairs, you can use gallons of lubricant, and it will not help, since the high speed door need repairs.

If you have any further questions about high speed doors, roll down doors, commercial rolling gates, or any type of rolling door, if your speed door is stuck, or if the door need another type of service, call All Staten Island Garage Doors. One of our high speed door’s experts will be happy to discuss your needs and help you choose the best high speed door for you. After years of servicing high speed roll doors in Staten Island, our experts have the knowledge to give you the best solution, and in case the speed door is busted or stuck, we will help you get it working again today. All you need to is to call 917-794-3040 and talk to one of our customer’s service representatives. We have a wide selection of high speed doors, and any customer who used our services in the past remain loyal to us since they all know that if they will need us, we will be there. You can read some of the reviews about our services on All Staten Island Garage Doors Yelp, or read reviews about our service on Google.